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Welcome to PugKnows.com.  The site will be a process of continuous improvement! At least, I hope that it continues to grow and flourish.  The purposes of the site are:

  • experimentation to grow and test my skills and ideas for building web pages.
  • provide a source of documented experiences on a variety of topics including information technology, multimedia solutions, family and personal history, etc. Hopefully, this information will be useful to others with similar experiences.
  • provide a forum for my children to express themselves and develop their skills in using software and expression of ideas
  • provide some measure of community service through our family's involvement with local Boy Scouts of America Troop and Cub Scout Pack.


The current plan is to use Microsoft Front Page 2000 to start the process.  This page was last updated on 11/17/05.  To comment on this web site, click here to send e-mail to webmaster.

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