45th Wedding Anniversary
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Great Fun was had by all during our Summer 2002 gathering in Manhattan Beach.  We spent several days on the beach sunning ourselves.   The main attraction was the 45th Wedding Anniversary of Val and Ovidio.  This celebration took on a Hawaiian theme as a reprisal to our 1992 Hawaiian Vacation for their 35th Wedding Anniversary.

Hawaiian Luau

Family Group 1 - Cropped.JPG (1534951 bytes)
Group Photo

Kids Group 9.JPG (551282 bytes)
Cooper, Siena, Steven, Owen, and Tony

Luau Val Juji Dale Ovidio 2.JPG (471416 bytes)
Dale, Juji, Ovidio, and Val

Luau Siena Cooper Owen 7.JPG (460199 bytes)
California Kids

Steven Siena Cooper Owen 3.JPG (508877 bytes)
Cooper, Siena, Steven, and Owen

Luau Val Juji Ovidio.JPG (459107 bytes)
Val, Juji, and Ovidio


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Beach Activities

Beach  Manhattan Beach 1.JPG (330137 bytes)
Looking South Towards Manhattan Beach Pier

Beach  Manhattan Beach 3.JPG (274960 bytes)
Looking East Towards Manhattan Beach

Beach Steven Cooper Tony Buried.JPG (451854 bytes)
Steve, Tony, Cooper

Beach Steven Cooper Tony  all Buried 2.JPG (303073 bytes)
Tony, Cooper, Steven

Beach Cooper Surfboard Standing.JPG (358882 bytes)

Cooper on Surf Board

Beach Siena Surfboard Standing.JPG (344515 bytes)
Siena on Surf Board

Beach Steven Boogie Board 3.JPG (398546 bytes)
Steven on Boogie Board

Beach Lynn Joe.JPG (345044 bytes)
Joe and Lynn

Beach John Crab Hotel.JPG (429969 bytes)
John Building the "Sand Crab Hotel"

Beach Lynn Cooper Tony.JPG (408644 bytes)
Lynn, Cooper, & Tony

Beach Tony.JPG (363989 bytes)
Tony fresh in from the Surf

Beach Steven Hole.JPG (626871 bytes)
Steven in the Hole