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2 September 2002

As a former New Yorker, I want to share an expression of sympathy from a friend of mine in Italy. I was born in Verona, Italy and came to America with my parents, a brother and a sister when I was four years old and lived in New York City.

 Periodically, I return to Italy to visit family and friends. My granddaughter Tara and I had just returned from S.Alessio, Sicily on September 10th, 2001 just prior to the tragedy of September 11th Shortly thereafter, my family in Italy called me with their concerns for my safety and the safety of our family who still live and work in New York City. I called my good friend in Italy, Pietro Saglimbeni, to assure him that we were all safe.

 In October I received a letter from his wife, Mariella, with a poem of sympathy that Pietro had written in Italian. He was so moved by the event. Subsequently, she sent me the enclosed translation in English. I have treasured this poem and thought perhaps I should share this expression of sympathy from someone other than a fellow American. I remember Pietro saying at the end of our conversation, “We are all Americans now”.


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