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Early Era Baseball Cards were packaged with cigarettes.  My collection contains a modest amount of these cards.  

T206 full page 1.jpg (197317 bytes)
Full Page 1

T206 full page 2.jpg (169542 bytes)
Full Page 2

T206 full page 3.jpg (200121 bytes)
Full Page 3

T206 Ty Cobb Front.jpg (29155 bytes)
Ty Cobb

T206 Ty Cobb Back.JPG (41827 bytes)
Ty Cobb Back

T206 Part Page 2.jpg (142465 bytes)
Cobb and Mathewson

Double Folders.jpg (157419 bytes)
Double Folders

Other Tobacco Card Sets (non-T206)

Blanket Morgan.jpg (122038 bytes)
Blanket - Morgan

Blanket Morgan Back.jpg (121743 bytes)
Blanket - Morgan Back

Triple Folder.jpg (110836 bytes)
Triple Folder