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This page provides information concerning gizmos and gadgets that I use, have used, or am otherwise familiar in the operation and support thereof.

   Home-  RCA Satellite Dish,  Panasonic 5-disc DVD Changer,  
    X-10 Video Sender Model VK30A
   Personal Audio- Sony Memory Stick Walkman

Docking Stations
    Mobility Electronics EasiDock 300FE and 1000EV, Lexar Media Shuttle

Game Controllers
    Joysticks- Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro,  Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro
    Gamepads- Microsoft Sidewinder, Gravis GamePad Pro, Gravis Grip, Logitech Wingman

Home Automation
    X-10 CK11A ActiveHome Home Automation System,  X-10 Firecracker

Imaging Devices
    Desktop Cameras - IBM PC Camera,  Intel Create & Share Camera,  Zora PC Camera,
    Lego Cam
    Digital Cameras - Kodak DC120,  Kodak DC4800,  Canon Optura
    Scanners - HP Scan Jet 3C with ADF,  Visioneer Paperport Vx,  Paperport ix (Keyboard),
    Paperport Strobe NT USB

Mass Storage Devices
    Iomega JAZ Drive (1 GB),  HP CD-Writer Plus M820e

POTS. Data, and FAX Switch

    Netgear FS104 Fast Ethernet Switch,  Netgear FE108 Fast Ethernet Hub, 
    Shiva (Intel) AccessPort ISDN Router, Efficient Networks 5360 DSL Modem

PC's - Handheld
    Compaq Ipaq 3670,  Casio Cassiopeia E-11

Power Protection
    APC Back-UPS Pro 650,  APC Back-UPS 200,

PC's - Notebook
    Dell Inspiron 3500, DEC HiNote V765

PC's - Desktop
    Gateway Destination,  Compaq Presario,  Sony VAIO,  Intel Pentium II-233MHz,
    Intel Pentium Overdrive,  Compaq Proliant 800

    HP DeskJet 1000C,  HP Photosmart Photo Printer, HP DeskJet 340