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This page is a dedication to my great-great Grandfather from mother's side.

Born: 12 Aug 1835  at Forest Hill, a plantation in the northwester edge of the County of Spotsylvania, State of Virginia.  Western side approached to half a mile of Orange County line and lay about five miles from Orange Springs.  Follow this link to map.
Died:2 Mar 1915, Clinton, MS.
Married: 12 Jul 1860, Toy Residence, Norfolk, VA to Julia Anna Toy.  Their marriage eventually gave rise to the Golden Wedding Picture.
Children: Percy Boyte, Alice Olgilvie, Julia Toy, John Lipscomb Jr., Crwaford Toy, Jessie Rosalind, Wortley Valentine, Mary Rawlings


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Golden Wedding Picture
July 12, 1910
Clinton, Mississippi



Internet Links that contain more JLJ information:

University of North Carolina,John_Lipscomb

The Manuscripts Department Library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has a archive of John Lipscomb Johnson material in the SOUTHERN HISTORICAL COLLECTION #3060 JOHN LIPSCOMB JOHNSON PAPERS.  See the link below for an inventory.

Marshall University
The Rosanna Blake Library of Confederate History at Marshall University contains both the Autobiographical Notes book plus one of his published works: Johnson, John Lipscomb. The University memorial; biographical sketches of alumni of the University of Virginia who fell in the Confederate War. Baltimore: Turnbull Brothers, 1871.
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