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ImageMax, Inc.

My present employer as Product Manager for their line of document imaging software products.    The company was formed from a roll-up initial public offering  (IPO) in December 1997.  Click here to find more information on ImageMax.

Image Memory Systems, Inc.

One of the founding companies of ImageMax, Inc.  The company's expertise was Engineering Document Managements Systems.  Originally founded in 1961 by Wes Rogers as Micro Data Systems.  AM International bought them in 1978 to form the Bruning EMS division.  Ovidio Pugnale and his partners completed a management buyout in 1986 to form Image Memory Systems.  

Our claims to fame included:

  • An IBM System 34 based automated solution for the index capture and punch of Hollerith data for the creation of aperture cards.  This system was designed and implemented in the early 1980's.  The system served for 20 years most recently on the IBM System 36 platform.  Incidentally, it was not retired due to lack of Y2K compliance. Other reasons lead to the dismantling of this solution.
  • A production workflow that emphasized throughput without compromising quality in the drawing preparation, film capture, film processing, index capture, card punching,  film mounting and inspection, and card duplication.
  • Perfected and utilized extensive on-site microfilm capture as a means to capture film at the customers location.  
  • Pioneered the use of high-speed aperture card scanners in a service company environment using a similar production philosophy to used in aperture card production.
  • Developed the DOS-based aperture card scanning software, CardScan, in the late 1980's to support their service bureau operations.
  • Developed the first Windows NT based aperture card scanning software called ImageMAX.  This solution lives on in 2002 as ImageMAX ES.  


One of the forerunners to the current Honeywell.  The division I worked for was the Garrett Engine Division.   We I joined them out of college is was Garrett Turbine Engine Company, a member of the Signal Companies.   Soon after, they merged with Allied to form AlliedSignal.  

I worked in the Advanced Technology department.  Our objective was to develop advanced turbine engine technologies for commercial and military applications.  Much of my work was directed in the military technology area under funding from the USAF in conjunction with the IHPTET initiative.

The specific programs that I had major involvment were: